10 coolest NHL events in recent years
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San Jose Sharks Playoff Series - St. Louis Blues 1999/2000
"Sharks" in that season of the regular season took the last, eighth place, giving the right to compete for the Stanley Cup, and in the first round of the playoffs played with the leaders of their Western Conference, "bluesmen" from St. Louis. The Blues won the first match of the series 5-3, but then, to the surprise of both the bookmakers and betters, San Jose was able to win three matches in a row.
Everything seemed to be back to normal when St. Louis won and evened the score in the next two matches. But the bets on the decisive match in their favor did not justify themselves - the victory with a score of 3: 1 went to the “sharks”, who, however, did not go beyond the semifinals of the conference, “flying off” in the next round from “Dallas”.
Goal - "ghost" by Patrick Kane, 2009/10
In the Stanley Cup final, the Chicago Black Hawks were 3-2 against the Philadelphia Flyers, and overtime was set in regulation time in the sixth match at 3: 3. In the fifth minute, the Black Hawks forward Patrick Kane, making a shot from an acute angle at the opponent's goal, happily raised his stick up, celebrating the goal.
At the first moment, his partners did not understand what had happened, because they did not see the puck. Only on the replay it was noticeable that she, hitting the target, got stuck under the crossbar of the goal.
Jason Arnott Wins, 1999/2000
In the Stanley Cup semi-finals that season, the two best teams of the Atlantic Division, the New Jersey Devils and the Philadelphia Flyers, met, while in the final table the first Philadelphians were separated from the runners-up Devils by just two points. With difficulty, the "devils" pulled out the series, winning the decisive seventh match 2: 1.
In the final, Dallas was waiting for them. New Jersey were leading 3-2 in the series, but their best striker Petr Sikora was injured in Game 6. It came to overtime, and it seemed that the "stars" would equalize the score. But in the second extra 20 minutes, Patrick Elias passed a pass without looking at Arnott, who shot through the famous Dallas goalkeeper Ed Belfort, bringing the Devils a long-awaited victory.
Patrick Stefan's failure, 2006/07
This case stands apart - if in the rest of the described memorable moments we are talking about achievements, then here, on the contrary, about a mistake. In one of the regular season matches, the Czech forward could not score into the goal left by the goalkeeper from a distance of one meter: the puck unexpectedly came off the hook.
Almost immediately, he slipped and was unable to intercept the puck, as a result of which his "Dallas" conceded a goal, and the score was 5: 5. As a result, the Stars were able to win only in the shootout, and Stefan's fantastic miss is still remembered by many NHL fans.
Lockout, 2004/05
For the first time in almost 100 years, the Stanley Cup that season was left without an owner (it was engraved with "the season was not held"). And all because of a financial dispute between the leadership of the NHL and the association of professional players.
The latter opposed the proposal to introduce upper limits on salaries (although there were a dozen different quite acceptable options). The controversy continued throughout the season, however, in fact, nothing has changed. This shutout was the fourth in NHL history and the longest of all.
Dramatic win for Edmonton, 2005/06
In the quarterfinals, the Oilers played against Detroit. Krylia won the first match 3: 2 (in double overtime), but then the events in the series began to develop in the most unexpected way.
The next two matches were won by Edmonton, who were not at all considered the favorite in the series. Detroit managed to equalize the score, but in the fifth game the victory was again celebrated by the oilmen. Finally, in the sixth match, Krasnye Krylia were leading 2-0, and it seemed that everything was heading for the decisive seventh match, when Fernando Pisani's double allowed the Oilers to level the score. Detroit took the lead again, but then another Edmonton player, Aleš Gemski, took the floor, who first equalized the numbers on the scoreboard, and then scored the decisive goal in the last minute of regular time.
The Oilers won that series 4-2 and went on to the final, where they were forced to give up 3-4 to Carolina.
Brett Hull's winning shot, 1998/99
The score in the sixth game of the Stanley Cup final of that season, which became decisive, will not be remembered by every NHL fan, but anyone can name the author of the winning puck.
The Dallas Stars were leading 3-2 in the series and headed to Buffalo for their next encounter with the Blades. Here the score remained a draw (1: 1) both in regulation time and for almost two whole overtimes. But four minutes before the end of the second additional 20-minute Hull, having accepted the puck near the opponent's goal, pushed it out of the goalkeeper and only then sent the puck into the goal.
Despite protests from the Sabers' players and coaches, the goal was awarded and the stars won the trophy. And the NHL soon changed the rules of the game directly in the goalkeeper area.